Talent Selection

Anyone can fill a job, but it takes talent to make a team. When you are seeking new talent, it is critical that the people you are considering are well matched for your organization’s mission, culture, and values. To accomplish this goal, we have established a process that incorporates the 4 Cs of Success. With over a decade of experience, we know that assessing our talent for these factors is critical to finding the perfect match.

  • Competency
  • Capabilities
  • Chemistry
  • Company Cultural Compatibility

By assessing the 4 Cs, we can create a sustainable partnership that provides you with a talented workforce that is cohesive and enduring. Our experience and processes provide you with skilled talent that is generally happier in their jobs, for a longer period of time.

FSR utilizes the Birkman® Method of behavioral assessments to support the hiring process in differentiating a right hire for the long term versus someone just to fill a seat. These assessments coupled with the industry knowledge and technical skills needed for high performance brings a scope of understanding of the candidates’ strengths, workforce behaviors, and ability to communicate and engage with their peers, subordinates, and leadership. Our assessments give a holistic picture of the candidate so our clients can determine if the candidate is right for their company culture.