Organizational Development

  • Birkman® Method Assessment -renowned behavioral assessment and methodology to optimize human capital.
  • Strategic Talent Selection to Leadership Development.
  • Organizational and Team Culture Strategies.
  • Increase efficiencies and accelerate team performance.

Do you have talented individual employees but as a team, your company is not at peak performance? Are your instincts telling you your company should be doing better?

Time for the Birkman® Method.

This renowned behavioral assessment and methodology can revolutionize your company as it has for thousands of others across the globe. This is FSR’s favorite assessment, which is based in positive psychology. We incorporate Birkman® in our best practices for organizational and leadership development, talent selection, and team building.

Birkman® Method optimizes your human capital’s performance by increasing efficiencies, accelerating team performance, and improving communication workflows leading the way to unrealized success. This scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment provides personality and occupational data to help understand individuals’ unique behavior and work satisfaction across different situations and industries. The Birkman Method® reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why. The data will demonstrate how efficiently people can work with each, therefore, greatly enhancing workplace harmony and productivity.

Our Certified Birkman® Consultants use the Birkman® Method Assessment to optimize your team’s performance by unveiling qualities within leaders and employees. We help design creative solutions, trusting relationships, effective processes, and action oriented goals for high performance cultures. Through Birkman® we also assess stress behaviors, which can be mitigated by having an individual’s needs met.

FSR’s CEO and team members are Certified Birkman Method® Consultants. Jump start your journey to new found success by having FSR bring the Birkman Method® to you. Contact us today.

FSR Birkman® Method Assessment Services

Utilize benefits available to you.

Strategic Talent Selection
  • Career interest alignment
  • Personality, work style and culture alignment
  • New team assimilation
  • Skill Development
Team Building
  • Internal Team Communication
  • Cross Team Collaboration
  • Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations
Organizational and Team Culture Strategies
  • Increase efficiencies and accelerate team performance
Sales & Negotiation
  • Skill development
  • Tailor every stage of your sales process, highlighting strengths and giving you the opportunity to properly address potential challenges

Leadership Development
  • Style, Performance, and Productivity
  • New Organizational Strategy
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Change Management
  • Conversation Catalysts
  • Self-Awareness of Style
  • Organization and Team Culture
  • Conflict Resolution

The Birkman Method

The only assessment that captures individuals’ underlying needs.

  • By understanding one’s own needs, individuals are better able to recharge, stay motivated, and avoid Stress Behavior.

Examines personality and perceptions in a social context

  • Social context of a person’s behavior promotes better self-management and awareness of their own extremes relative to social norms.

Combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment.

  • FSR will measure how employees relate to the people around them through their communication style, giving insights into potential gaps in an organization’s culture.

The Birkman Method reaches far beyond the United States, with established user bases across six continents. 

  • Currently, The Birkman® Method assessment is available in 22 languages and growing.

Birkman Method® is used by international industry leaders: IBM, AT&T, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Ford, HP, BP, NASA, Boeing, Shell, The World Bank, and Adecco .