FSR is committed to supporting Veterans and the military community.

FSR has over 13 years of working with the military, from employing Veterans to spouses of Veterans and active duty members, program management with agencies and the Department of Defense, involvement in community initiatives to providing healthcare services. Based on FSR’s experiences we have learned firsthand the incredible value this talented workforce can bring to private sector companies.

FSR has an in depth understanding of the unique skills and perspectives that come from the different military branches, ranks, and designations within each of the branches. The Veteran workforce expands across every commercial industry. As service members transition into the civilian workforce, private sector companies can greatly benefit by tapping into this diverse, disciplined, well trained workforce.

Inspired by the White House Veteran hiring initiatives, FSR created the Working Warriors Program℠ to provide a conduit for hiring managers to connect with the veteran workforce. The Working Warriors Program℠ not only helps Veterans by assisting them in finding employment but also incentivizes companies and facilitates the hiring process.

The Working Warriors Program℠ will analyze your organizations’ vision and needs to hand pick qualified candidates who will strengthen your organization. Utilizing our established database of Veteran candidates, as well as working with multiple non-profit Veteran organizations, along with leveraging our existing relationships within governmental agencies, FSR will match the best candidates to join your team as a valued contributor.

Benefits of Hiring Veterans
  • 10% of FSR’s Direct Hire Placement fee will be donated to any Veteran’s organization in your company or organization’s name
  • FSR does the work for you
  • Gain motivated employees known for extraordinary work ethic

Let us help you with your Veteran hiring initiative! Contact us today.