FSR’s Leadership & Executive Search Division identifies top performing candidates who can lead your organization successfully into the future.

  • Our core values are trust, respect, service, quality, and innovation.
  • We are committed to building positive, long-term relationships with our clients to meet their growing needs now and in the future.
  • We take the time to understand the mission, vision, and culture of our clients.
  • We will help find the right leaders to transform your organization.

The Executive and Leadership Division became a natural evolution of our services from existing clients seeking our guidance and services in search of leadership and executives for their organizations. FSR has an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the challenges of recruiting, hiring, and building strongly aligned teams. As businesses and industries evolve, leadership is key in navigating the marketplace and driving innovation.

We provide enduring search capabilities to the organizations that are looking to bring on leaders   that will bring value and a return on their investment. Hiring an executive requires time and money and we take our partnership with you seriously and measure it against mutual success. Our goal is to identify exceptional candidates that can bring value to your organization beyond the industry standard by taking the time to understand the company’s mission, vision, and culture. We utilize detailed and unique processes that takes into consideration the corporate work environment,   the expectations of the position, and the impact a new team member will make on the entire organization.

FSR’s Leadership and Executive Search Division is committed to your success. We are dedicated to building positive, long-term relationships with our clients and our exceptional customer service is guided by our core values: trust, respect, service, and quality.

Let us help you find the right leaders who will embrace your organization and ensure its successes.