Government Services

FSR works with federal, state, and local government entities to provide program management, solutions, and staffing that are well-matched for the job and culture. FSR understands the strict compliance regulations that are inherent with government contracting and adheres to the rules set forth by the FAR. Since 80% of success comes from the people you hire, you must make the right choices up front and mitigate the risk.

FSR has over a decade of experience providing full service program management solutions, with expertise in the following categories for the federal, state, and local governments:

  • Health
  • Health IT
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Research & Development

FSR supports all branches of the Armed Forces, the Veterans Administration, and civilian agencies under single award or large task order based IDIQs nationwide and OCONUS. FSR’s scope includes cross-functional mission focused teams and personnel to provide services specific to the individual contract requirements and to provide the end-user with improved services. FSR has deep recruiting pools for acquiring the talent needed to accomplish mission critical objectives. We have the organizational resources to work with our clients to meet contractual obligations.

Government Capabilities

FSR's infrastructure and nationwide capabilities offer the following value-added services to ensure success:

  • Focused capabilities of solutions and services in support of Healthcare, Health IT, R&D, and Life Sciences
  • Relevant performance in providing diverse healthcare labor bands, including but not limited to Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, and Administrative positions
  • Relevant performance in providing diverse labor bands supporting laboratory, scientific, and technical research projects
  • Relevant performance in providing diverse information technology support and implementation of solutions
  • An in-house credentialing and on-boarding team that are well-versed with established processes and requirements of Federal departments, component agencies/service branches, and individual facilities
  • Ability to leverage an experienced, nationwide infrastructure of recruiters, credentials, and client relationship managers to provide worry-free service and performance
  • Screening of each candidate by Medical Leadership ensuring clinical skill set
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Capability to provide services under a variety of contracting vehicles to meet specific needs
  • Ethical standards and integrity
  • Strategic partnerships
Professional, Technical, & Scientific Solutions
  • Professionals in Medical & Healthcare Specialties
  • Research & Biomedical Experts
  • Pharmaceutical Personnel
  • Call-Center Support
  • Case Management & Utilization Review Experts
  • Accounting, Finance, & Legal Professionals
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Administrative Support Personnel

Human Resources and Administrative Support Services
  • Proven assessment tools to support organizational structure by identifying an applicant's performance potential to include engagement, morale, productivity, efficiency, gap analysis, and training opportunities
  • Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior-Level (SL) programmatic, recruitment, and staffing programs
  • Working Warrior Program℠ which supports Veterans and organizations supporting Veterans
  • Fiscally responsible DCAA Compliant company
  • Productive talent channels and Strategic Partnerships
  • Employee credentials maintained in a secure environment
  • 24/7 in-house program management support for our clients, employees, and consultants

Logistics and Management Support
  • Provides exceptional customer support ensuring and delivering projects on-time, on-schedule, and on-budget with qualified personnel for implementation and execution
  • Manage projects for performance, quality assurance, and mitigation of risk
Training Support Services
  • Relevant past performance in providing contract specific training for personnel to meet critical mission objective
  • Ability to leverage an experienced nationwide infrastructure of recruiters, credentials, and client relationship managers to provide worry-free service and performance

Programming Services
  • Management support for Information Technology requirements
  • Web development, including system configuration and custom development to modules, themes, and interface elements
  • Database management and data migration
  • System upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Report generation and project and task management duties, including project planning and controls
  • Integrating and creating templates/themes for popular open-sourced content management systems